Jesus: Of course! That is part of Gods plan. We all teach and learn from one another. My part in the Atonement. is the cancelling out of all errors that you could not otherwise correct.

When you have been restored to the recognition of your original state, (spirit) you naturally become part of the Atonement (undoing mistakes) yourself.

As you share my unwillingness to accept error in yourself and others, you must join the great crusade to correct it; listen to my voice, learn to undo error and act to correct it.

The power to work miracles belongs to you. I will provide the opportunities to do them, but you must be ready and willing. Doing them will bring conviction in the ability, because conviction comes through accomplishment.

The ability is the potential, the achievement is its expression, and the Atonement, (undoing of mistakes and unloving thought) which is the natural profession of the children of God, is the purpose.


Jimmy: The Sonship?

The Sonship. The Total of All. God's mind.

Jimmy: So you are always tuned to what is going on with us? Like with me when I saw God on earth?

Yes. Revelations are indirectly inspired by me because I am close to the Holy Spirit, and alert to the revelation-readiness. I can thus bring down more to you on earth than you can to yourselves. The Holy Spirit mediates higher to lower communication, keeping the direct channel from God to you open for revelation.

Revelation is not reciprocal. It proceeds from God to you, but not from you to God.

The miracle minimizes the need for time. In the longitudinal or horizontal plane the recognition of the equality of the members of the Sonship appears to involve almost endless time.

However, the miracle entails a sudden shift from horizontal to vertical perception.

This introduces an interval from which the giver and

receiver both emerge farther along in time than they would otherwise have been.

The miracle thus has the unique property of abolishing time to the extent that it renders the interval of time it spans unnecessary.

There is no relationship between the time a miracle takes and the time it covers.

The miracle substitutes for learning that might have taken thousands of years.

It does so by the underlying recognition of perfect equality of giver and receiver on which the miracle rests.

The miracle shortens time by collapsing it, thus eliminating certain intervals within it. It does this, however, within the larger temporal sequence.

Jimmy: That is a lot to take in.

Jesus: Think of it thus .. with the miracle you learn in an instant what may have taken a lifetime without the miracle.

Jimmy: Can we help awaken the world to Love, with miracles, Jesus?

We are within The SonshipóGodís Mind



a metaphysical perhaps

Jesus Meets The Press

Jimmy: When it says "Heaven and earth shall pass away" what does that mean?

"Heaven and earth shall pass away" simply means that they will not continue to exist as separate states.

My word, which is the resurrection and the life, shall not pass away because life is eternal. You are the work of God, and His work is wholly lovable and wholly loving.

This is how everyone must think of themselves in their heart because this is what you are.

While I am the only one who can perform miracles indiscriminately, you on earth have a role in this communication system yourselves.


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